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Aldabra Village grew its love for the Giant Tortoises and opened its farm where we nurture and breed these endemic tortoises.


Aldabra Village is a is a private owned business that breeds / sells / Exports healthy captive bred Aldabra Tortoises. 

Aldabra Village has a wide range of Giant Tortoises ranging from baby younglings to grown adults. We are a fully licensed farm based in the beautiful Seychelles were these giant endemic species are found. Our tortoises are sold with there Certificate of Ownership provided by the Conservation & National Parks Section Division of Environment Seychelles.  Aldabra Village is a licensed exporter of the endemic species providing Exotic Pet Stores, Private Collectors, Zoo's across the world with only the very best.

 Ownership is a rewarding responsibility, and with this in mind we continue to make sure that everyone who comes to us is well-educated and understands the obligations required to keep a happy and healthy tortoise. As a result of our hard work, our customers constantly tell us how happy they have been since having purchased a Giant Tortoise from Aldabra Village. Aldabra Village and all its staff wish to provide its clients with the upmost service.

The Giant Tortoises of Seychelles (Aldabrachelys gigantea) is a fully protected species, listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) as an Appendix II species since 1977. Since then a number of conservation measures have been put in place to ensure that the trade in the species is not detrimental.One such measure is the controlled export of only juveniles of less than 30cm through licensed breeders only. - Aldabra Village is a proud licensed breeder of this endemic species -

Please Visit our Farm in Seychelles for more information in regards to our Giant Tortoises.


(Seychelles News Agency) - A local entrepreneur with a love for tortoises hopes to set up a sanctuary and start a breeding business.

Dolor Ernesta, who has been breeding tortoises for the past 23 years, said, “I have tortoises from 1 to 100 years old. I also have eggs which have not hatched and many people have never seen tortoise eggs. I also have their skeletal remains, so why not display all of these in a sort of museum, as part of a sanctuary for these gentle species?”

Coming from La Digue, the third-most populated island of Seychelles, Ernesta told SNA that he has always loved tortoises. It was in 1994 that he started caring for the species. He got a license five years ago and started his breeding business.

There is only about four or five of us who are currently breeding tortoises for exportation and I have good knowledge about these species in terms of their life cycle. I am also thinking of modernising my facilities and in the process of getting a proper incubator, to facilitate the hatchlings,” said Ernesta.

The local entrepreneur said that the refuge will also have an educational purpose which will help with the awareness and sensitisation on the protection and conservation of these tortoises.  

“With that, there will be an education component where there will be different products made from photos of tortoises, possibly in 3D. I am still exploring different possibilities,” he said.

Ernesta has established contact with a zoo in the Netherlands where he has sent small tortoises. He is targeting only zoos for exportation so that the tortoise will not be trafficked but instead used for conservation and educational purposes.